Thursday, May 9, 2013

Google goggles driving navigation features

To have a pair of "exploration" Google goggles (Google Glass Explorer Edition) users, who are unquestionably the most Google users happy. However, after the initial excitement, and began to stop and reflect on the specific performance of the device, we still found some not homophonic characters oakleys
One Google glasses early using who pointed out that, the equipment exists with serious of privacy and security problem; another one development who is said this a equipment currently exists with more of Bug, like cannot using information features sent swear words,; besides, also has part using personnel found, themselves in part situation Xia cannot using Google glasses, or said the equipment will to themselves of security brings hidden, especially in drive of when. Considering that Google had been a device described as a "completely free hand" this factor of mobile devices, such messages may be the official release date of this product had a major impact. United States leading technology media long-term writer Shane Hollister (Sean Hollister) navigation features specifically for Google goggles before testing. After the trial ended, Hollister, "said Google's glasses while driving, not just failed to provide any help, but very dangerous."cheap oakley sunglasses
"At the time, I opened the first Mobile HotSpot functionality, and to connect with Google goggles, and started using Google goggles to get the route navigation. However, come under the interference of the Sun through the windshield, I could barely see the road map on the display. In order to improve his vision, I had to look up in the car at the top, or a hand placed over the glasses, to cover the Sun to look at specific aspects of the car. "Hollister said.wholesale oakley sunglasses

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