Sunday, April 21, 2013

USA climate experts warned that global warming will lead to human extinction

Recently, the United States of the controversial scientist claims that accompanied human activity increases, heavy use of fossil fuels, will lead to a significant rise in Earth's temperature not only melting glaciers of the Earth, will also lead to human extinction on oakleys
The controversial scientist Dr James Hansen, he resigned from United States NASA high paying jobs, focus on the environmental effects of global climate change. Hansen pointed out that I have decided to resign, thereby freeing time for scientific research, answers to things we need to do from a scientific perspective. At the same time, he also published a research report--the Venus syndrome, accompanied by a global rise in temperature, the Earth's environment will be very bad, not for human survival. This is not hyperbole words, based on the best scientific evidence, burning all fossil fuels could lead to melting glaciers of the Earth, will also lead to the extinction of the human race. If we burn all fossil fuels, and undoubtedly will rise in sea level of dozens of oakley sunglasses
At present, the only argument is how long the future sea-level rise of several meters capable of destroying all coastal cities, finished burning all fossil fuels on Earth, or the State will eventually reach a very high temperature. Hansen will study was released in the United States Colombia University official Web site, indicated very high temperature of the Earth would cause the Earth to become like Venus environment. He pointed out that when large amounts of water to release hydrogen gas into space, the Earth will shift gradually to a status similar to Venus. If the temperature is high enough in the atmosphere, the troposphere will swell into the stratosphere.oakley outlet

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