Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Google's research and development of new security products: a ring or a substitute

The world's largest search engine Google (microblogging) is currently developing a new type of security authentication technology, the user may be able to use the technology used jewelry jewelry, such as login accounts, instead of having to enter a complex password.cheap oakleys
Google declared for the first time to conduct this experiment is in its academic article published in January. Google's research goal is to produce a small "USB key", use this key to turn all of the user's authentication information into a computer. In addition, Google also referred to is expected to output an embedded smart chip ring.
At the RSA Security Conference in San Francisco last month, a dedicated Google security engineer apadehaiye (Mayank Upadhyay) on this technique for the first time gave public speeches. He says, use personal hardware login account is exempt from risk of password to be re-used or copied. At the same time he also said there is no stranger to this technology. "Everyone is familiar with ATM. Why computers cannot use the same method on it?
Apadehaiye said Google is developing a small USB key when the key into the computer, users can authenticate through the network. The keys also built-in contactless chip, you can also use the keys on the mobile device.
Google is developing such a secret security token does not have a static password can be copied. Each encryption key and device is matching sets, built-in data is never transmitted to the outside world. When the key after access, key is set on the site of the problem correctly reflect to authenticate it, once again, ensure that the same information does not login. oakley outlet
After the end of the meeting, apadehaiye said Google will also produce a password token ring can be overridden, but he did not disclose the details of its work. "Some people feel about the USB password token class may be uncomfortable.
Google and other companies to negotiate so that the technology can be applied to different services and Web sites. "The technology is still in its early stages," apadehaiye said. Google has started working and password security certification network FIDO. FIDO Union in February of this year launched a new technology, that will keep users safer and less reliance on typing the login account password.cheap oakley sunglasses

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