Thursday, May 30, 2013

There were others like him in appearance in the yar

He was born in the first week of June, in the year 1906. Quite a short while ago, as you see--that is, as we men count time--but long enough, just as a child's life is occasionally long enough, to affect the lives--ay, more, the characters--of fake ray bans
some who claimed to be his betters on this present earth, with certainties in some dim and distant heaven that might or might not have a corner here or there for dogs. His parentage was that of a royal house in purity of strain and length of pedigree, and he first saw the light in the yard of a mill upon the river, where the old wheel had groaned for generations or dripped in silence, according as the water rose or fell, and corn came in to be ground. There were others like him in appearance in the yard; on the eyot on which the mill-buildings stood, gorgeous in many-coloured tiles; round the dwelling-house, or in a large wired enclosure close by. His master, the Over-Lord, bred dogs of his kind for the nonce, not necessarily for profit, but because, with a great heart for dogs, he chose to, claiming ray bans sunglasses
indeed the proud boast that not a single dog of his class walked these Islands that was not of his strain--and claiming that, moreover, truly. At one period there cheap ray bans
might have been counted, in and around this mill-yard, no less than thirty-eight dogs, young and middle-aged, and all more or less closely related. But while this number was much above the average, the congestion that arose thereby was chargeable with the single unhappy episode in Murphy's life, concerning which he often spoke to me in after days, and the effect of which he carried to the end. Of this, however, more later.

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